Wednesday, June 1

Skin Care: Skin Type & Products Talk

If you're a follower of the blog, you've probably read my previous posts Your Skin Type and Factors that Influence Your Skin Type. Today I'm going to address something very important!

The products you're using COULD be dictating your skin type!
For example, you may think you have dry skin naturally, where in fact the harsh cleanser or toner you're using is actually the cause. Another example would be using a moisturizer that is making your skin oily due to being poorly formulated (or made for other areas of your body that are known for being super dry - for example, your feet).

What does this mean for you?
It means that a quick look and feel of your face can't tell you for sure what skin type you are. You need to take a review of the products you're using and be objective - how do they make your skin feel after use? Are you using one product, only to follow up with another one as a result of the first (the best example of this is using a "cleanser" (read: NOT REAL SOAP) that strips your natural moisturizer barrier and then following up with a super heavy cream, balm or serum to try to replace the natural oils that were stripped). It may take some willpower to put down those products that you've been loyal to for years but it's worth trying. Truly look at what the products you use day in and day out are doing to your skin - are they worth exposing your skin to? are they worth your money? your time? Our skin is great a balancing it's natural moisture barrier if it's not being exposed to detergents or other harsh ingredients. Remember that and seek out products that will help your skin, not hinder it.

You maybe starting to notice a trend here:
"Skin types" are nothing more than categorizing the condition of your skin which, will change often and frequently meaning that holding on to or identifying with a skin type is mostly a waste of time - retrain your brain to disregard being put into a skin type box! Instead, monitor your skin and care for it by addressing it's changing needs. The more in tune you are with the state of your skin, the closer you'll get to being able to give it what it needs, when it needs it.


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